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Some important information regarding the new website update:

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I am aware that some posts are mildly f'd up. The first post seems to be generic content from somewhere else on the old site. To read the Actual post, just skip down to the first Reply for that post and start from there. All new posts will display correctly. In fact, most of the old stuff we don't even need, but it's good to keep around. Since we still have access to the old site I may just wipe out the jacked up content on this site. Will figure all that out later.

Some other changes.. this website is now 'responsive' meaning that you can view it on a smartphone or tablet without losing any content or having to download any apps. You're welcome!

I hope you enjoy the new website. If you have any requests, comments, suggestions or other, i'd love to hear them. This is OUR site and our home for this unique gaming community!

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(aka Mike P)

Thanks for stopping by the Official Internet home for the Drunks' Gaming Head Quarters!! Our group is a very close group of adults that are looking for a bit of a break from real life here in our little corner of the Web. We aren't looking to take over the world, we are just looking for a comfortable place to spend some time, drink some beers, and relax with some good friends.

If you would like to be a part of our community here, please sign up on the site, read through our FAQ section and drop a post in the recruit forums. You'll be pleasantly greeted and harassed by our members as you get a feel for how we do things here as we are not a normal online clan/community. We aren't concerned with your skills, or your rank ... we want to know how well you get along with people and how much you are willing to be a positive addition to our community.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, now get online and start having some fun ... thanks for stopping by!

The DrunksHQ Gaming Community